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Cambridge Model Lots Starting at $490,000:

  • 16 Bacall Way
  • 20 Bacall Way
  • 24 Bacall Way, includes walk-out basement & 500 sq. ft. finished room
  • 28 Bacall Way, includes walk-out basement & 500 sq. ft. finished room
  • 19 Bacall Way, includes walk-out basement & 500 sq. ft. finished room

Whittington Model Lots Starting at $425,000:

  • 3 Bacall Way, corner lot
  • 4 Bacall Way, corner lot
  • 7 Bacall Way, includes walk-out basement
  • 15 Bacall Way, includes walk-out basement
  • 11 Bacall Way, includes walk-out basement
  • 8 Bacall Way, includes walk-up attic
  • 13 Bacall Way, includes walk-up attic​
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Whittington Model Tour

What Others Are Saying...

We know that we build quality homes — we have the awards to prove it. But it's making our buyers happy that truly drives us. And our buyers satisfaction rating of 98% tells us that our homeowners are really satisfied with their home ownership. We love hearing from our buyers and sharing their feedback.

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The house looks beautiful. We've been so busy getting moved in and all settled, and we couldn't be happier. The workmanship in this house is top notch quality and we continue to be impressed every day.  

— The Lawsons

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I would like to express my satisfaction with Arya service. I had a young guy come into my house (Alex) and also Tony came in. They both worked like a champ and really took care of the issues we were having. I really like to give a shout out to their awesomeness. This is fantastic service you have here and really makes me proud to have purchased a home from Arya Properties.  Thank you very much!

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We applied a great deal of customization to our home plan and layout. We love what we were able to do such and happy we were
able to make it personal.

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My husband and I would also like to specifically mention we were always very pleased with the contractors and workers who were sent to our house. We said repeatedly that 'this company knows how to pick the people who work for them'.

— The Oliver Family

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We enjoyed working with everyone during the building process. Now that a few of our friends are building with other firms, we can definitely say that your quality homes and customer service provided by Arya are second to none. Thank you!

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We stumbled into an open house and immediately feel in love with the [Arya] home. Arya Properties really understood our needs and even made significant upgrades. After we purchased and moved in, Arya stayed with us and provided excellent service to make sure we were completely satisfied with our new home. Overall it has been such a wonderful experience. I certainly would recommend anyone to consider Arya Properties when buying a home.

— Stephen Winkler

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From the day we showed interest in our house to be built, until the day we turned the key, it was nothing but good.
— The Klemans Family

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I need to compliment Arya, not only are you guys awesome, but you definitely partner with some great companies.  Since we've moved in, we have had a few minor issues to resolve and each time the company (siding, garage door, bathroom fixture) you directed us to has been very responsive and helpful to us.  It's much appreciated!

— Michelle

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